Most of what I build is inspired by what I learned building games.

BioShock2005 – 2006

I designed the visual scripting system used in BioShock, a game by Irrational Games.

Level designers used this system to trigger events, script sequences, and control AI by completing fill-in-the-blank English sentences structured as property trees inside the Unreal level editor. Inspired by the Warcraft III world editor, we originally built it for Tribes and SWAT before Unreal had its own visual scripting.

Smashing things is fun. I wrote the game design for this prototype for Xbox 360, and led the team of artists, designers, and programmers who built it. I also wrote some of the special effects code.

Disney offered to buy it, but Irrational Games got acquired by another company instead, and we weren't able to bring it to full production.

Tribes2002 – 2005

Tribes is dear to me. I started as a competitive player, became an indie mod maker, and then joined Irrational Games to help design and program Tribes: Vengeance shortly after I graduated.

I led our online multiplayer efforts, but I also tackled other tasks. One of my favorites was wiring the logic that generated heightfields and vegetation maps for our dozens of snowy, grassy, sandy, and alien terrains. Tough project. I learned so much.