I like to build apps that help people work and learn.

I designed and developed the Mac version of Simplenote.

Featured among Apple's Best Apps of 2013, I was inspired by the fine lines and simple aesthetics of iOS 7—Yosemite hadn't been revealed yet. Here's a timelapse of the design evolution.

While building the app, I also led a small team that shipped new versions of Simplenote for iOS and Android. We learned a lot about balancing consistency across platforms versus embracing what makes each platform unique.

Simplenote iOS2008 – 2013

As a cofounder of Simplenote, over the years I designed and developed dozens of versions for iPhone and iPad across several major redesigns.

In 2010, we joined the Y Combinator startup accelerator where some say Simplenote helped kick off a mobile-first development trend. We called our company Simperium, and in 2013 we were acquired by Automattic, makers of WordPress.

WordPress Apps2013 – 2015

Several months after the acquisition, I started helping with the design and development of the WordPress apps.

Among other things, I replaced the hamburger sidebar in the iOS app with tabs, and helped bring more visual consistency across each section.

I became Head of Mobile in 2014 as we tripled in size, working closely with the founder and team leads to help make the company more mobile-oriented. More details are on LinkedIn.